P. W. Litchfield Heritage Center

Rendering of the new Litchfield Heritage Museum
Rendering of the new Litchfield Heritage Museum
Rendering of the new Litchfield Heritage Museum

A Center for Community Engagement

The P.W. Litchfield Heritage Center will offer additional opportunities for enjoying this unique historic site year round.

  • Rental Spaces that can be used for weddings, family events, community groups, and businesses who wish to host their clients in unique surroundings:
    • Terrace with a stunning view of the Estrella Mountains
    • Assembly Room able to accommodate 100 people
  • A Research Library for scholars
  • An Archive containing the history of the Southwest Valley
  • Opportunities for Internships from institutions of higher learning
  • A Gift Shop offering unique items
  • A place to bring family and friends to view the history and share the stories of the Southwest Valley
  • Quiet Places to think and reflect (like our Patio Balcony) and to get away from the distractions of the day in a beautiful historic setting
  • Beautiful Gardens such as our rose and cactus gardens
  • Featured Local Artist events
the first floor of the Litchfield Heritage Museum

Our Vision

To be the historical and cultural heart of the southwest valley

Our Mission

To connect generations by fostering an understanding and appreciation of the history, arts, and culture of the Southwest Valley.

Core Values

  • We serve as stewards of history, arts, and culture.
  • We foster a respect for all peoples, cultures, and beliefs.
  • We create an environment dedicated to life-long learning.
  • We demonstrate excellence and integrity in all we do.
  • We weave connections linking our communities.